To know or not to know.

m’ had a late class this evening. When she and 3 friends walked to the train station afterwards, they witnessed an accident between a car and a motorbike. Actually, they didn’t see it happen, but heard the collision and when they turned around, the biker was already writhing on the ground. The group went over to help and called an ambulance. It was too tragic!

Needless to say, m’ was quite shaken. And later when she told me about it, I got a bit depressed too. Every time I hear an ambulance I’d say a prayer in my head, that whoever lying in that vehicle would come through alright. In situations like this, one can’t help but wondered who was responsible. But to me that question is completely irrelevant. Because when you look at the end result, it’s the same. There’s a badly injured man, his future unknown. There’s another man, unhurt but will also have to live with the consequences. There’s his wife crying beside the car. There’s his child shaking in the back seat. Regardless of who was at fault, in that disastrous split of time, they must have all realised how fragile life really is. One never knows what’s going to happen next…

We’re hoping with all our heart that the guy is ok. And the other family are well, too. Which got me wondering whether there’s such a thing as a public accident announcement board, so witnesses can find out afterwards that everyone is alright? So they can breathe a sigh of relief and thank the heavens above? In a case like this, it’d definitely put our mind at ease.

But then as I’m writing these very lines, I had another thought, what if some people didn’t pull through? What if it wasn’t a happy ending? Would I still want to know then?

So well, I guess we’d just have to stick to how it currently is, and try to make the most of our ignorance and hope for the best.

And I’ve just decided to spare you all a looong rant on how much I HATE HATE HATE irresponsible driving/ riding.

Good night & stay safe!



2 thoughts on “To know or not to know.

  1. a woman bicyclist died in corner of bourke & swanston this morning after an accident. may she rest in peace!

    please watch the warning clips from TAC in youtube and stay safe!

    search more TAC tvcs

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