Flamable peony bouquet

TM bought us this gorgeous candle before his last visit in July. Although m’ claims that it’s a gift for her only, since it was just before her birthday. That suits me just fine, not because I’m a generous person, oops I mean, not JUST because of that (!), but also because I know damn well that neither of us is going to light that wick any time soon. If ever. It’s just too pretty.

Which prompted a male friend of ours to wonder aloud with this puzzled, exasperated look on his face, “What’s this thing with girls and their penchant for collecting a vast amount of beautiful, practical items, only to leave them on display?” I see his point. That candle might as well have been made from self-raising flour and I’d love it just the same. In our house, some divinely fragrant soaps never get to see a single drop of water. Instead, they’re left in the closet and only brought out to be sniffed every now and then. Those are another of my obsessions. I get high on that. 🙂

Well, here’s the answer to the above: it’s called “appreciation for the finer things in life“, dude! And you guys only pretend to be annoyed, the fact is you secretly adore that about us. You just don’t want to admit it. Heh heh.



3 thoughts on “Flamable peony bouquet

  1. I luvvvvvvvv scented candles, especially those beautifully shaped as such. Wouldn’t mind having a study decorated with a collection of them. And you’re dead right girl, such “finer things in life”.

  2. yeah, I prefer my scented candles plain though, because otherwise I’d never light them. I was lucky enough to have been given a Sensi (by Giorgio Armani) scented candle. I love the fragrance itself but it’s a bit too heavy on me. But the candle, my Lord, it smells like paradise. Now it’s almost finished and I don’t want it too! 😦

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