Should I swear off exercising forever?!!

Well, rhetorical question. With several exclamation marks! And if you could hear me right now, you’d know what frustrated grunts sound like. I don’t remember what foot I stepped out of bed with this morning, but I’m sure it was THE WRONG ONE!

So here I was in the kitchen, waiting for the milk to warm, when I started stretching my arms and flexing my legs and rolling my neck, you know, in the purpose of snapping out of groggy sleep and getting rid of bedsore and springing into a (productive) day. Then right in the middle of a manoeuvre that would give those creepy laughing clowns with the rotating heads a run for their money, I heard a tiny CRICK! And I couldn’t bring myself to believe it! I CRICKED MY NECK WHILE STRETCHING!

Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? That I’d pulled a muscle during sleep and stretching would help easing it? ARRGHHH! Then I spent the next half hour with even more flexing and bending and crunching and pulling, but nothing helped. The whole thing was so laughably stupid, I couldn’t do anything but cursing my dumb ass off.

Moral of the story? Never lift another muscle. Exercises are evil! Stick to feeling sluggishly crap in the morning and move around like a sloth for the rest of the day. Ugh!

Ok, I’m kidding. Just go easy on your body and be gentle with early morning stretches, that’s all. Lesson sorely learned. Ouch!



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