Worse than deaf ears

Are ears that pretend to be open and receptive, but are in fact so blocked with their own hard-formed prejudice, that nothing can get through unless it vibrates in the right frequency and matches with what they want to hear.

In my book, there are three types of people. (No, not those who can count and those who can’t. Although that’s a good joke, isn’t it?) They are: a/ open-minded ones, b/ narrow-minded ones, and c/ those who think they belong to the first group but are actually the second. Needless to say which pack is the most annoying. Because with a/, you can freely share your opinions. Even if they can’t come to agree with you, they’d still see where you’re coming from and “agree to disagree”. With b/, you won’t bother voicing your thoughts. No point pouring water if you already know it’s going down a duck’s back.

But with c/, it takes a long time before you realise they’re actually not interested in you, or your views, or most importantly, why you have those certain views. They’re more concerned with how to get you to agree with them. Then mentally and/or emotionally bash you when you won’t. And yet they don’t know they’re doing it. That’s the worst bit.



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