Mixed feelings

Right now, nothing feels better than:

~ chucking all those chunky winter knits into a box and shove it in the furthermost corner of the garage,

~ pulling out swishy skirts and frilly tops and floaty dresses,

~ seeing your knees taking on a normal skin colour, instead of blotchy purple patches.

But nothing feels worse than:

~ realising you’ve missed this year’s ski season! 😦 That’s it, next year if no one wants to join me, I’m going on my own. Oh yes I will.

~ sneezing your way through the day and being “awarded” with the occasional nosebleed.

~ noticing the spare tyre you’ve managed to acquire around your waist during those cold months. And the award for The Most Deliciously Destructive Type of Food goes to… *opening fancy envelop*… Toasted Roti Bread!

~ having a massive rash on your face due to an allergy reaction to sunscreen! Yeah, i know, wtf?!! Skin cancer or dermatitis, the choice is yours. Arrgghh…

And yet despite all that, the bottom line still is: Spring my dear, kiss me honey honey kiss me, thrill me honey honey thrill me!

Y’all cha-cha-ing along with me or what? 🙂



4 thoughts on “Mixed feelings

  1. Oh, i won’t bet on it, Jack. The thing with Melbourne isn’t that it’s cold (it’s not THAT cold) but that it doesn’t know what it’s doing. After prancing around in a dress last sunday, today i’m under 3 layers of clothes and a scarf, AGAIN!
    So bring a jacket just in case. And some sunshine from VN too, if you could!

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