The motivation I need

I’ve been suffering from a terrible case of slack attack lately. Physically and mentally lethargic. Question endlessly weaving through my weary mind: What’s it all for? Not that I don’t know where that kind of thinking would lead. Around and around in circle until you’re brain dead by your own trap. And yet that trap is so alluring.

You do things because you have to. Because others expect you to. Because YOU expect yourself to. And not just to do it, but to do it WELL. Not exactly tiring but why does it feel so restricting? Then you sit and wonder whether it’s all self-imposed.

Anyhoo, this gave me a bit of a boost. Put a few things in perspective. Straightened my back a little. If you haven’t yet added Blue Dragon to your bookmark list and signed up for their newsletter yet, then seriously peeps, are you waiting for me to come by, tie you up and wiggle a strand of hair up your nose until you do? Huh? Huh?



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