A couple of dilemmas

I’ve kinda been hibernating for the last few weeks. The social scene has been missing me. (I hope.) No, I didn’t suddenly become anti-social **, I was just saving energy for the next few hectic weekends of mainly… work. Workshops on Sundays and meetings with people on Mondays. No fun. UGH!

Anyhoo, despite the looming cloud of stress, I know I ain’t goin’ down til the sun comes uuup, ain’t givin’ in ’til I get enoooough. And so tonight I was going to drag my friends out to the much anticipated Swing & Salsa Ball at QBH, which is promised to be a huge BANG! and we’ll sure to have lots of fun twisting our hips in a figure 8 and bouncing the Lindyhop. Just thinking the word “dance” and my feet itch all over, like they’ve got a hundred mozzie bites between the toes or something!

BUT. And it’s a big BUT too. The Vietnamese student gang is having their concert tonight. And it’s been a looong time since I’ve been to a performance where everyone speaks Vietnamese and sings Vietnamese, and crack jokes and flirts and even swears in Vietnamese! (Although the last activity is a bit harder to catch unless you really pay attention.) So our group are  kinda leaning towards this event instead of the other.

One where your bum will actively be doing something, and a lot of it too, and you’ll be laughing & energetic. The other where it’ll just sit on a hard chair all evening and you’ll be feeling all homesick & nostalgic. Tough call, this one. Or maybe we can first go to the concert and then drag our backside over to the dance? Hmm…

The other dilemma is that the lovely ladies next door gave me these beautiful pink oriental lilies, the fragrant/smelly ones, with massive blossoms the size of my face. And they add such grace to the shop that I just keep turning my head to the right to stare at them. HOWEVER. Another big HOWEVER here. I’ve been sneezing my nose off all morning. So I have to either chuck ’em (flowers) or scratch ’em (itchy eyes). I’m probably going to chop off those stamens and see how much longer I can stand the smell. Hmm…

I’m also wondering which one’s more evil to your spare tyre, or the desire for a lack thereof — roti bread or cream cheese. Or are they equally ruthless? Think I’ll have to um, conduct my own research to find out. And I don’t stop ’til I get enough. (Keep on with the force don’t stop. ***) Oops I mean, ’til I reach a conclusion for that scientific breakthrough of a report, that’s when. Ahem.

Moral of the stories? You can always find a way to compromise, until, well, until you can’t compromise no more. Haha. Geez, if I get any “deeper” I’m sure gonna drown.

Happy weekend, folks!



** Isn’t it cute how some Americans pronounce anti as antai instead of antee?

*** Apologies if anyone’s annoyed at my constant quoting of (pop) song lyrics. I just can’t help it. Also, have you noticed how Garth Brooks and Michael Jackson go surprisingly well together? 🙂


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