Fast fashion of a different kind

I’d have to apologise beforehand if I get a tad incoherent, due to the fact that I’m feeling a little “high” at the moment. Nope, no illegal/legal substances thank you very much. Never have, never will.

First let me ask you something. Consider this list:

  • 4 brand new dresses (with tags), each retailed at $70- $90
  • 8 near new dresses and tops
  • 2 brand new pairs of shoes (1 pointy flats, 1 boots), retailed around $80 each
  • 1 canvas beach bag

Ok, done? Now answer this: Where can you get ALL of the above for 75 bucks? Yes, SEVENTY-FIVE. No missing zeros. Need to go back up and re-read that list? Go ahead. Found your jaw on the floor yet?

Oh you’ll never guess where. Ok, maybe you will. But let me be the smart-ass and tell you again anyway. Camberwell Sunday Market, that’s where! It’s like the mother of all flea markets, the grandmother of all op-shops, the fashion heaven and bargain paradise. Which is precisely why I am not allowed to go there too often.

Well this morning, T1 & I were supposed to be at the market to sell some of our stuff and make some money. Not to spend the very last coin in our wallet on a heap of gorgeous, gorgeous clothes! But what did we know? The lovely (not!) Victorian government bloody started daylight saving THREE WEEKS EARLIER than all the years before, without first bombarding everyone about it. So we turned up an hour late and missed our stall. I swear to God, I read the papers almost everyday and did NOT see any announcement. Was running around flat out  yesterday so didn’t hear it on the radio. Granted, I’ve heard some talks since last year about moving it forward by one or two weeks, but THIS early? And this sneakily? Ugh!

What made it worse was how the guy at the market office looked at me like I’d just cracked through the ground and materialised in front of him with an extra head on my shoulder all covered in goo. “Geez. Did you not hear about it on TV & radio?“, he asked with an obvious sneer. I was simply too stunned to tell him where to go. You see, I wasn’t the only one who was dumb enough to not know about the time change. At least 2 other people were in the same boat. Nor was I being rude to him or anything. So giving me that kind of attitude and talking to me like I’m an idiot was totally unacceptable. (Even though I AM an idiot, but that’s beside the point!)

Anyhoo, rant over. Once I was done swallowing that rage and yelling at myself in my head, I thought since I was already there, I might as well do the rounds. And holy fettuccine! The rounds I did! Good thing I only had $75 in my wallet. It didn’t even take that long, only about more than an hour. Then I rushed home, dumped all of them on the floor, tried each one on, and experienced something like, you know, that O word. Multiple. Ahem.

Once I’ve landed back down to earth, I quickly chucked them in the machine for a good long wash and thanks to that piercing sun, they’re now almost dry. When we go to the beach later on I’d make sure to wear one of them. Talk about fast fashion! But wouldn’t you agree that this is so much more satisfying and less guilt-inducing than the other, wasteful kind?

Well, my friends would know this is obviously not the first time I’ve scored a haul. But definitely the most impressive one. They’re all so pretty, so adorable, so “wear me now, wear me now, pick me, pick me!”, that I’m getting a little crossed-eyed! Oh, don’t you go all green with envy just yet. Wait till you see the photos of what I got. THEN you can go and give Elphaba a good run for her money. Hehe.

Now if you could please excuse me, I need to go and grow an extra body. Ten frocks are a hell of a lot to wear, you know. No joking matter.



3 thoughts on “Fast fashion of a different kind

  1. tao ve nha vua tuc vua buo^n` leo len giuong ngu 1 mach toi chieu luo^n
    gio*` voi cha? gia^c’, loan. he^t’ ca le^n
    chup hi`nh va’y mo*i’ cho xem vo*i’.

  2. Troi` oi, chi ma ko goi dien cho em thi` em cung duoc xop xiep du kieu roi` :((, ghen ti qua’. Co nguoi mua duoc do` (ko biet co dep ko hihihihi) nhung ma` re huhuhu, … blame chi goi dien cho em lam` em luoi` hahaha mac du` em cung dinh di cho Camberwell hom nay. Thoi danh` lo~ hen lan` sau vay hehehehe… cuoi cung la em end up going to Quang Minh temple hehehe.. pray for all the good things hhihi …

    Nice Sunday chi,

  3. ~ T1, tao cũng vừa tức vừa buồn. mua đồ cho đã xong về nhà chiều cũng leo lên đánh 1 giấc thẳng cẳng. Thôi không sao, mình còn keo khác để bày mà heng.

    ~ Belle, hehe chị save cho em cả mớ xìn & some train tickets rồi còn lu loa gì! 🙂 Lần sau của chị chắc còn lâuuu lắm à. Không đi shop mà đi chùa là quá tốt rồi. Không tội lỗi như chị, thiện tai, thiện tai.

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