Recently I met up with a girlfriend that I haven’t seen for 2 years. During our conversation she said this, “I don’t know how everyone else does it, but my hubby and I have been together for 7 years and it still feels like the first day.” And by “does it”, she meant “stays single and still enjoys life”.

First I need to press that I adore this girl. We come from similar backgrounds and share the same view on many things in life. I also look up to her perfect marriage, no doubt with a little envy. But I’d be lying if I say I didn’t find her words a little hurtful, that they didn’t make my stomach flip. Although I know she didn’t mean it to come out that way at all. At the time all I said to her was, “Honey, do you realise how lucky you are to have found your soulmate so early in life?

But had we had the time, I’d have added this rant too, that look, no one wants to trudge through life in solitude. Well at least, I know I don’t. Wouldn’t it be better with a companion, someone to share everything with? No one wants to go through a few serious relationships, only to find them unfulfilling, disappointing, even damaging. No one wants to realise, with a startle, that each past episode has taken away a big chunk of you — and your life — never to fully, seamlessly heal.

I believe in soulmates and I trust in fate. But until Lady Luck comes knock-knock-knocking on my door going, “Here, take this, the perfect piece that makes you whole“, I’ll still enjoy this life and make the most of my days. The best may be yet to come, but then the best may already be here. Who really knows?

This song just happens to be on my playlist right now. Coincidence?

“She’s just waiting for the summertime when the weather’s fine…”



2 thoughts on “Fate

  1. You’ve said it all, sis, you’ve said it all. Your thoughts, my thoughts and the thoughts of all the single gals out there that deserve to be loved while being fabulously single.

  2. thanks H. At times it’s just so hard for coupled-up people to understand that for some, settling for second best just won’t cut it. They mean well, but it can get rather irritating I’ve found.

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