Sinh Nhật TM!

(Mum’s handwriting)

It’s my other baby’s birthday today. I had to pinch myself a few times and yet still can’t believe he’s now an official adult at 21! It surely wasn’t that long ago when I walked him to kinder for the first time when he was at the ripe old age of three. In my mind there’s still this vivid image of him crying, when his teacher led him inside to joing his friends and dance around in a circle singing some morning exercise song. I stood just outside the window looking in, quietly bawling my eyes out as well. And that’s not all. In the afternoon when I came to pick him up, the whole teary episode repeated itself. It used to be my favourite thing to do, picking him up from kinder, sometimes having to carry him all the way when he was tired.

I’m also remembering his first birthday; his 7th birthday; when he was skinny and his legs two little sticks, when he started to get a little chubby and his monthly report from school was always “Cường eats well, naps well, gained 1 kg this month.” I miss when he cried and cried the day I left for Australia and refused to eat. How when he visited me in Melbourne with Mum the next year, I used to take him to class at Uni, he’d be sitting next to me drawing pictures from Asterix and occasiontally telling me off for not concentrating!

It saddens m’ & me that we can’t be there with him today, and that we couldn’t be there at the Hawaiian themed pool party his friends threw for him a few weeks back. We love him so much it feels like someone’s wringing my heart right now.



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