An unlikely fashion icon

You’ll never guess who! This unsung hero who’s been quietly influencing the fashion accessories trends over so many years. And I only found this out after roughly 22 years of intense research hours of bum-ache spent watching Journey to The West!

It’s this guy: Sha Wujing!

Wanna play “Spot the differences”? Ok, look closer, here we go: 1. shiny metal headband, 2. massive ear-stretching hoop earrings, 3. chunky bauble necklace, 4. techni-colour jewelled cuff bangles, and last but not least, 5. layered clothes! And that sound you just heard, is Boho queen Sienna sulkily scuttling off her throne right now.

Now I also know where the designers at Mimco got their inspiration from. Who’d have guessed Journey to The West would be so popular. πŸ˜€

Happy Sunday, peeps!



3 thoughts on “An unlikely fashion icon

  1. hehe, yeah Melie. I’m sure he’ll be the hottest thing. Move over, Agyness Deyn. (and how the hell does one remember how to spell that name?!)

    Although, Coco Chanel would definitely frown upon his cardinal sin of trying on too many trends all at once. Totally overdoing it, I think.

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