Its and it’s

Doesn’t it irk you that some professional journalist would write this in an article on the website of one of the largest selling newspaper?

Today the school issued a bland written statement defending it’s handling of the issue…

[Source: Herald Sun]

I know I can be a bit of a grammar freak, in both Vietnamese and English. Even though I’ve only been speaking English for 11 years and still make quite fair bit of mistakes myself, and hence am in no place to sneer at others’ grammatical errors. But still! Whatever happened to proof-reading?!!



2 thoughts on “Its and it’s

  1. It’s all over the place and its driving me mad. Happen’s in the UK, in Oz, in NZ. In fact, its everywhere…


    Seriously, I have major issues with it as well. Really pisses me off. The rules are simple enough, but when we can’t even teach people to spell, how are we going to get them to use apostrophes properly?

  2. yeah, and it’s even worse because these days we rely so much on spell-check which can’t always detect grammatical mistakes that are spelt correctly. I realised that I’ve become a tad lazier at proof-reading since Firefox came up with its own spell-checking function. Terrible!

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