Another two types of people

Those who display their own photos everywhere and anywhere, poster-sized ones on their walls, mini ones in their wallet, automatically rotating as their screensaver, or placed at the top of every single blog entry.

And those who always hide their mugshots, flinch at the thought of having their photos displayed in public, AND private, and sometimes won’t even put it on their avatar or profile picture.

Oh wait, maybe there’s a third type, who sit somewhere in between the other two. Who are comfortable enough with their own being to have a few of their photos around, enough to let people know who they are, but not so much that it makes everyone think they’re some wacko self-centred narcissist.

I used to be type 2. On my old Yahoo page – my first blog, all the 4 profile pics were photos of me AND my family & my ex. The thought of having only my face on there was simply cringe-worthy. I’m not qualified to “go deeper” and start ranting on the psychological implication of this behaviour — confidence, body image, emotional attachment / dependence, etc. etc. But right after that disastrous break-up, I thought to myself, “Do I always identify myself by, and against, other people? Mentally, I’m fiercely independent but emotionally, am I sure enough of my own self? ”

So now I’ve kinda moved on to type 3. I can bear to have my dial staring back at me on Facebook Home and do not hesitate to throw a few (or a lot!) photos on there regularly. (Viewable to Friends only, although “friends” is used rather loosely in cyberworld.) But I’m no where near having my own studio shots in gigantic posters around the house. Thank heaven. Or else visitors could just brace themselves for a cardiac arrest.



3 thoughts on “Another two types of people

  1. Ew. Photos. Bad news. Especially after that thing with the marmots and the chewing gum made it onto page 5 of the nationals. Never got over that. I won’t even pose *clothed* any more, regardless of the paperwork they make you sign.

  2. ~ Mosh, what’s “the marmots and the chewing gum”? Hang on there, lemme go googlit.

    ~ Chi Zen, yes ma’am! I just did, ma’am. 😉
    [Email address has been (manually) encrypted to protect your privacy. hehe]

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