Donation to Blue Dragon & BBQ on Melbourne Cup Day

Hey folks,

Just to bang on some more about Blue Dragon’s latest plea for help. Thanks to chi Zen who has brought to my attention that I didn’t include some instruction on how to send your donation over. I’ve updated that entry but here’s me (gently) rubbing it in your face again:


  • If you’re in The Land Down Under, click HERE.

  • If you’re in the US of A, click HERE.

  • Anywhere else, please go HERE.

And remember, as Mosh pointed out in the other post, your donation is Tax Deductible in Australia and the US. Also, even 5-10 dollars can help. So I really don’t know what you’re still waiting for?

Oh, for that BBQ I said I’d throw, where I’d strip for money to send to Blue Dragon? Haha, just kidding. It’s still too cold outside to strip, duh! Maybe check back in January?

Okaaay, jokes aside, since you asked (or I pretend you asked), we’ll be having a little get together on Melbourne Cup day, 4th November, in the afternoon. More details soon, but if you’re in Melbourne, keep that day free ok? I’ll be sure to strip despite the cold make you the best cookies ever!



2 thoughts on “Donation to Blue Dragon & BBQ on Melbourne Cup Day

  1. I’ll be over in January (maybe). I walked 1000 miles for Blue Dragon. Does that qualify for a strip?

    And for those who didn’t donate to my walk, here’s your chance to make amends! Hands! Pockets! NOW!

    Amy’s right – $5 (from whatever country) makes a difference as the economy in Vietnam is even weaker than the US or UK right now. And BDCF maintain their operating costs around 10-15% of their income – not the 80% upwards of the Western charities that I no longer support.

  2. Right. You can’t use past deeds to gain new favours! =P Especially “that” kind of favour. hehe

    The thing with some bigger charities, yeah, seriously, sometimes you have to wonder what’s the point?!!

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