Unless my name was Angelina and my partner was called Brad.

… and we owned a massive mansion in the French Riviera and had a whole big devoted team of nannies / helpers, I’d never have more than 3 kids! Yup, you heard it. Capped at 3. And I came up with this “astonishingly astute” decision only after I had prepared a BBQ lunch for 15 people the other day. Gourmet BBQ, mind you. Nothing of that nippy patty/sausage straight from the supermarket’s freezers affair. m’ and I made damn sure of that.

Oh boy, feeding people is hard work. Sweat, tear, and blood, no less. Ok, so it was only because of the sun, some onions (and my refusing to don my swimming goggles), and a stupid can opener. But still. And how it hurts, too! My muscles, I mean. Who needs weight lifting if one can spend 5 hours a-peeling, a-chopping, and a-mashing in the kitchen, eh? But don’t assume for one second that I am a good cook. Quite the contrary, actually. That’s why I like to bang on so much about my um, domestic duties. It makes me sound a little more “wife material” than I am. Hah.

Anyhoo, the nice thing was getting compliments about the food — our noses must have tried very hard not to swell up to the size of tennis balls. This means that next time, when we forcibly cordially invite people over for another feast, so that we can rob them of their hard earned dollars gently ask them to donate to Blue Dragon, they’ll be more inclined to come. Which is the second nice thing.

The third nice thing is that I’ve invented (doesn’t that sound grand?) a rather nifty recipe for fruit salad dressing/syrup, using apple, pineapple, raisins, and cloves (which on their own, smell strangely like the dentists’, has anyone noticed?!!). Here it is if anyone’s interested, no, not the dentist’s, the fruit salad dressing recipe!

  • boil cloves in some water for about 10 minutes, then drain & throw away the cloves
  • mince apple & pineapple, then cook with above syrup, raisins, and raw sugar in a pot until the fruit is soft
  • pour over fresh fruits and tuck in!

That’s ALL? You ask? Yup, that’s it! “A conjurer does not reveal his tricks, for then they seem too obvious”, says Sherlock. Oh well, so I’ve flouted the master’s teaching. All for your possible enjoyment, see? Now send me my royalties!



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