(Un)Glamorous life

I’m sorry I’ve swallowed my promise and didn’t blog last weekend, nor scheduled any pre-cooked post to pop itself on the table and entertain you all. Rest assured that I’ve realised my fault and will proceed to whack my own butt with a wooden spoon the moment I get home from work.

My excuse is that the last few days were absolutely full on! My best friend W.’s wedding was on Saturday night, so on Friday night m’ and I went over to her house to work on her bouquet. Here it is:


The first time I’ve ever made such a thing. It was rather messy but can’t say I’m not a little chuffed with myself. Ahem. The purple flowers were W’s mum’s idea, which I personally wouldn’t go for, but it did brighten up the whole thing nonetheless. Should I quit my day job just yet, you think?

Then on the same night Fun Pit, a social Swing dance event in Richmond, was on. So we had a blast of a time swaying and twirling and rock-step-triple-step-ing until my legs were pretty much reduced to mush. Work on Sat as usual and then W&K’s wedding where we were bombarded with a mouth-watering 13-course meal! My chopsticks had a mind of their own, I swear, whooping around as they pleased like that. But apparently they had no ears, because they were totally oblivious to my stomach’s screaming that it was going to explode.

And then. And THEN. I had to work on Sunday as well! So by Monday I was floating around in a daze, not being able to do much. Anyway, have you dosed off yet just reading all that? Because I think I am… So that was it, my very exciting weekend which, unfortunately (for you), makes such a terribly dull story! Now you know where to look if you ever need to squander insomnia. And I’ll spare you the nightmare of looking at a photo of me dressed up in a big crumpled piece of foil at the wedding. Coz I’m normally nice like that.



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