Naaat Fuuunnieee!!!

I’m screaming that line the way this little dude did:

Isn’t he just adorable? m’ and I have watched that clip some, oh, I don’t know, maybe 10475 times? We especially love the last bit when he completely LOST IT! So cute.

And nope, I don’t find it at all amusing that I still have to wear stockings during the day in November. NOVEMBER! (Or Movember, as it’s now popularly called.) Just now I stood next to a closed door and the draught that gets through underneath it made my teeth clatter. Holy Fettuccini! Isn’t it supposed to be officially summer in less than two weeks time? Or did I somehow miss the memo from The Guy Upstairs saying that we’d skip summer this year and go straight back to autumn? Gah!

me-silver-movemberAnyhow, this is me supporting Movember, a month dedicated to raising awareness on men’s health, and funding, of course, for research and treatment and stuff. Because we girls are so sick of seeing guys not giving a toss about their health, thinking that they’re invincible, that their health is some eternal spring that is always going to be there for them. Oh I know a few like that alright, my Dad is one prime example! Ugh.

So, you think the handlebar is totally looking good on me no?



2 thoughts on “Naaat Fuuunnieee!!!

  1. I’m as guilty as the next guy (if the next guy’s my dad) of ignoring health problems on the understanding that they’ll go away of their own accord. Whoops.

    And I’d like to point out that it’s still autumn – I believe winter officially starts on December 21st. ( Where I am, it’s around -4 outside and it snowed for around 20 hours on Friday/Saturday.

    Mind, you’re in that weird upside-down country…

    Oh, and the ‘tache suits you. Not as much as that very nice dress, though 🙂

  2. Sorry for the late reply, but Mosh! You deserve some good punishment. (I was about to suggest some serious spanking but then that’d just put inapporiate pictures in your head, ahem.)
    Anyhow, since you’ve pleaded guilty, the court order you, from now on, to look after your own health, i.e. to eat right, sleep right, exercise, not over work, and not regard beer as a cure-all youth potion!
    hahaa 🙂

    And yes, we’re in this upside down country that’s recently been becoming even more… umop apisdn (try not to crick your neck!). Actually i think it’s trying to, um, right side up itself, what with all the weird weather. Not cool!

    Thanks for your comment on the mo, I’m rather proud of it myself. it was a toss between that, and a goatie. Hehehe. And that dress, well, nothing but a big piece of crumpled kitchen foil. 😉

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