The state of the world and a little octopus.

I was writing a nice, happy little post yesterday morning when it was a sunny, balmy 30 degrees. A lovely client brought her 4-month-old daughter in to visit me and I got to hold her for a bit, and then she smiled at me a few times and it was absolute HEAVEN! I had a hard time afterwards trying to push my heart back to where it should be, after it jumped right up to my throat in happiness.

But then I didn’t get to finish the post, as usual, and so it’s again left in “Draft” to collect cyber dust with about 40 other half-baked pieces. I couldn’t bring myself to polish off a post about summer loving, about the sun and the sea, about fragrant fruits and floral frocks. Because by the afternoon it was hailing ice the size of chickpeas. Such is the nutcase that’s called Melbourne weather. By the afternoon I’ve also seen the news: planned terrorist attacks in Mumbai, massive protests in Thailand, a bastard of a rapist (to a 10 year old girl!) in Australia demanding an appeal to reduce his 9-year sentence! They gave him ONLY NINE FREAKING YEARS! Is your blood close to boiling point just yet?

On the news, an Aussie tourist, whose girlfriend was shot in the astrocious killing spree in Mumbai, told his Dad about how he was carrying his girl outside, only to meet face to face with a gunman, they stared at each other, and afterwards the guy told his Dad “He didn’t shoot me, Dad. He didn’t shoot me!” And in my head I had this image of two desperate people, or three, if you count the girlfriend. Two guys from two completely different walks of life, who crossed path in that fateful moment, one from a carefree life in Aus and one from the depth of poverty in India. One trying to save his own life and one on a mission to end someone’s days.

I wondered what thoughts were going on in that split moment of humanity, when the terrorist decided to spare the tourist’s life. I wondered what emotions were present in that fraction of a second where in front of you is not the enemy, but a human being, somebody’s son, brother, lover, friend, someone just like you. I wondered if we could capture that flash of compassion, recreate it in the lab, mass produce it into tablets, and make everyone on earth take at least one a day. Extra dosage is compulsory for political, AND certain religious, leaders.  

Anyhow do you remember the beginning of Love Actually, where the guy said whenever the news of the world made him sad, he’d go to Heathrow Airport and watch people, to feel comforted by the range of human emotions on display at such places? Well I love the concept, but airports would just make me sadder than ever, who wants to see people saying goodbye and remember your own farewells?! So my way to get me out of that looming depression was deciding to stay away from the news, and to watch Totoro again last night (for the gazillionth time!), and Finding Nemo. Here’s my most favourite part, the 10 seconds I’ve replayed roughly 2467 times ever since the movie came out. Thank goodness some others thought that too, hence this Youtube clip:

“Aww, you guys made me iiink!”

I will feel better. I know I will…



2 thoughts on “The state of the world and a little octopus.

  1. The courts over here are pathetic as well when it comes to sentencing, and then allowing people to appeal. And then the prisons let them out when they’ve served half of it anyway.

    As for the India thing, the latest I gather is that it’s *Pakistanis* who are in there, not Indians. Just off to check the news again, actually.

    Hope they sort the Thai thing out soon as I want to book flights shortly and I need to get to Bangkok for an eye op. Worse case, I delay it by a couple of months and fly into KL then down to Oz.

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