That much dreaded day!

Today is um… well… um… er…

Ahem. Let’s start again.

Today… ah…um…


There, I dropped the bomb! No one fainted? Really? Because I just keeled over and passed out just now, did you hear the crash? You guys obviously aren’t as scared as I am about turning er… 23* then. You lucky ducks!

Well I have always had this thing about my birthday, that is, I HATE IT! I love it but I hate it, if that even makes any sense. Pretty much all my friends know how I try in vain to fly under the radar and keep a low profile in the weeks leading to the day. I’d cringe every time someone mentions the b-word. I’ve thought long and hard about this strange aversion, and frankly, it’s not about turning older. Okay, it’s not just about turning older. Because that I can handle. After all, aren’t we getting older each and every day? Yesterday you were one year older than the same day last year, tomorrow you’ll be one year older than the same day last year. What difference does it make, really?

But  I think to me it’s more about expectations. Like how you’d expect people to do something for you, and they’d expect you to do something to celebrate your own day. And then it gets all awkward and there can be a lot of disappointment. It’s also about attention. Being both an attention seeker and a spoilt brat, I never really want any presents but love being the focus of affection. But then too much of it or too little of it can be both annoying. And too much or too little of it from the WRONG person can be even more so!

Anyway, I’ve learned to try to be civil with today, and enjoy it in whatever way it unfolds. Thanks to all my closest chums for a fantastic dinner last night. The fact that made it even better was that it wasn’t technically ON this dreary day. 😉

Now there’s another day much more worthwhile of my thoughts, and that’s Mum’s birthday in 3 days. How I miss her… 😦

~humourless & grumpy T, proceeding yet another year along on the chronological chart!~

* Figure has been changed to protect the um… guilty. 😉


5 thoughts on “That much dreaded day!

  1. Hippy bopday. And may I say you don’t look a *day* older than 22 1/2. You young whipper-snapper, you!

    As Grouch Marx said, “you’re only as old as the woman you feel” – so go grope an 18 year-old :-p

  2. À ha, sinh nhật vui vẻ! Mong năm mới, tuổi mới mang nhiều niềm vui và kỷ niệm đẹp trong đời nghen em.
    Guess giờ này T. tiệc tùng nhậu nhẹt vui quá, passed out rồi. hahaha.

  3. aww thank you you guys! I had a fantastic day. But it’s a relief too because now that it’s over, there’s one whole long year until the next. Phew!

    ~ haha Mosh, don’t think i’d want to do a Demi Moore and get myself a toyboy just yet. Probably in a few years. 😉

    ~ chi. Q, cảm ơn lời chúc dễ thương của chị! em đâu có dám nhậu nhẹt, nên không tới nỗi quắc cần câu. chỉ hơi xiểng niểng chút thôi hà. 🙂

  4. oopss, em quên mất sn chị. happy belated birthday chị ơi!!! (hôm t7 em nhớ mà tới hôm qua em lại quên mất). ai bảo chị bỏ 360 mà đi làm chi!!! 😦

  5. ùi, T ơi, có sao đâu em, belated wish lại càng vui vì nó unexpected mà 😉 How’ve u been lately my dear? Tại 360 nó chuối quá, chuối chát nghét luôn à, nên chị mới phải bỏ nhà cũ dọn qua nhà mới thôi.

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