Technologically challenged

Yesterday I had to reinstall Windows on my desktop because this  stupid old thing has been playing up too much lately. After twiddling around for half a day, including (but not limited to) backing up all that useless crap in the hard-drive, and dissecting the CPU to evict a whole big fat family of dust bunnies that have been nesting and breeding in there (eww!), I managed to get most things done. Now to start on a long “journey” of reinstalling all the necessary programs.

But now my sound card doesn’t work! Couldn’t find a suitable driver anywhere on the WWW. Not sure if I still have those setup CDs. Argghh! The same thing happened two years ago but I forgot how I fixed it the last time. I’ve been tearing my hair out all morning and am down to the last strand on my head now. HELP!

Seriously, nothing frustrates me more than technology. No wonder I’m so low-tech.



4 thoughts on “Technologically challenged

  1. Hum. What make sound card? Is it built onto the motherboard or separate? Roughly how old is the PC?

    Drop me an email or get me on MSN (same as my email address) and I’ll see what I can do.

    I hate updating everything after a Windows replacement as well. All the programs, the updates, the tweaks, the preferences… Urgh.

    • thanks Mosh :). After much hair pulling and forehead smacking, I managed to fix it. By force feeding the stupid thing a tonne of roti bread, that’s how. (my cure all mend all hehe)

      Well actually, i found the drivers in one of my back up CDs. The same thing happened before and last time I managed to find some drivers on the net. The sound card is a Realtek built-in one.

      yeah i’m still slowly putting back all the needed programs, my bookmarks, etc. Pain in the derriere, seriously. The only good thing is this old thing runs so much faster now, kinda like after a detox, really. i could even hear its sigh of relief, even when the sound card wasn’t working. 🙂

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