You know what one does when one’s got a huge pile of half-baked entries in the Draft oven, all of very interesting topics (or so one thinks)? Well, my guess is that, one would leave those there and start afresh on a new, useless piece of scattered words. One without a backbone and serves definitely no purpose. Like this one.


Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness. Stendhal said that, didn’t he? But then is it really happiness I think I’m foreseeing? Or is it plainly a promise of such? And promises are there to be broken, are they not? Who can tell? Only time. Ah, cliché, cliché.


My stubborn sound card is working again. I’ve got “Heart of Glass” on loud, really loud. Blondie is so good! Need I even say that? “Once I had a love and it was a gas. Soon turned out as a pain in the ass!” Absolute GOLD! How much more er… backside pain will I have to suffer? One can’t help but wonder.


Illusion is a dangerous thing. Because you can’t tell at the time that it truly is just an illusion. And hindsight? Hindsight is a useless luxury. But at times, reality is no less perilous, if not even more so. Because you don’t believe it. It’s real, but you don’t feel it, you can’t sense it, your conscious doesn’t register it.

Because while on one hand, you’re hopelessly trying to get over a hopeless sense of hopelessness. On the other, hope is right there, in all its glory, a mere arm-length away, winking at you like it’s the most natural thing. Like it’s all over the whole world. Like it’s in your blood, your soul, your very being.

Until you realise, hope has a first name. It starts with F. (And I’m not going to swear.)




3 thoughts on “Randomity

  1. I’ve been talking and thinking a lot about illusions and happiness lately.

    Ever listened to Joe Walsh’s song ‘A Life of Illusion’? It’s a good one.

    To be disabused of your illusions is quite a humbling experience, usually leaving you wishing you had better vision so as to easily see these illusions come waltzing into your life. Sometimes it’s hard for me to know if they have been planted previously in my mind by someone else or were self-made. Perhaps, like happiness, we feel we need some illusions to stick around in order to have something to look forward to or help us out of a jam.

    Happiness is a slippery slope. When I think of ‘happy’ I immediately come up with ‘giddy’, which seems like an altogether inappropriate match most of the time. ‘Content’, now that’s a truer word. There’s leeway there. When I feel content, I’m in the here and now, but I know I’m not fooling myself into believing that it’s a permanent state of being; as if I’m going to be walking around with a permanent goofy smile on my face.

    That’s enough for me, me thinks. 😉

  2. Thank you guys, you both made me think. And that’s always good, isn’t it?

    ~ Minh,
    I’m not so sure about “better vision”. Despite getting Lasik done a few years back, I think I’m still blessed (or cursed, depending on how one looks at it) with permanent rose-coloured cornea. So illusions are bound to keep coming. Oh well, what is one to do?

    To me, the way you define “happy” and “content” is, um, excruciatingly realisitic. It’s true. And yet isn’t it still great to experience a feeling of happiness so intense, it makes you all giddy?
    Maybe I’m just addicted to the thrill, dammit! 😉

    ~ Alan,
    Thanks for stopping by! I’ve just left a little note on your post.
    As I said, despite our two entries being quite different on the surface, if you look close enough, they’re strangely similar. I guess mine was just one phase behind in that whole “climbing up the hill of hope – falling down the pit of despair” sine wave. Not to worry, an optimist stays an optimist, no matter what life brings.

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