Two types of people

protective film

Those who can’t wait to peel off that thin protective film on the screen of their new gadget (watch, mobile phone, GPS, etc.). And those who just have to leave it there until it becomes all scratched and bubbled, and the edges curl up and turn an icky grey from dirt.

Me, I’m type 1. I’m so bad that everytime I see a transparent film on top of something that does NOT even belong to me, my brain still has to switch on all of its self-restraining power, in order to stop my itchy fingers from reaching out and peeling that thing right off.

On the other hand, m’ is definitely type 2. She said to leave the cling-wrap thing there so her new toy will look new for longer. But my reasoning goes like this: so right now you’ve got a new gadget, right? And what do you do when you have something new? You cut off the sticky tape, you open the box, you tear the plastic bag, you PEEL THE PROTECTIVE FILM! It’s made to be peeled off. There’s even that little tab protruding out at a corner, see? Just BEGGING TO BE PEELED OFF! SEE?

The whole thing IS new, shouldn’t it look ALL shiny and smooth? That protective film makes it look dull, half done, not ready for use. And then a few months down the track when you eventually have to remove it — thanks to those dirty curled up edges — the rest of the thing will be already so scratched and dented, the flawless screen doesn’t make much of a difference any more.

Does that sound like logic? Or just instant gratification?

What do you guys think?

~amy: proud peeler of protective films~

(Tune of the day: At Last ~ Diana Krall & Lou Rawls)


3 thoughts on “Two types of people

  1. I like to peal things, it’s a bad habit, also like pealing beer bottles, but that’s a different story. One of my students has he laptop shrink wrapped, her laptop has a film all over keyboard and screen, and only changes it once it starts to fall apart, or I just take it off myself.

    I only did it once, because I was trying to type on her laptop, to fix her design and the film was coming apart and it was starting drive me mad. Like when you see the film is starting to come unstuck and you want to rip that silly looking thing off.

  2. Yay! Welcome to my camp, Jack. Make yourself at home, there’s cream cheese in the fridge, roti bread on the toaster, and a whole lot of shrink-wrapped stuff to peel off on the coffee table. You just need to bring some pha’ lau ;)!
    Our brother gave us a TomTom (GPS thingo) and Emma’s been trying to stop me from peeling it. As my guest of honour I’m saving it for you! haha šŸ™‚

    Gosh, a cling-wrapped laptop!! that’d seriously drive me up the wall!

  3. I think you’ll beat me to it, I think i’ll just come and make Pha Lau at your place, I don’t think a small portion will take to long to make. Just buying the ingredients, maybe go to a Chinese butcher. I only was able to find stuff like tripe in specialty supermarkets.

    My Dad likes the idea of it too, so he’ll have to fly over, or i’ll make a real bastardization of it.

    Not exactly rocket science, Clean then Chop up the piggy parts, put into a big vat, add cinnamon, kho bo stock, and either place inside of an oven or place vat over burning coal/fire, leave for several hours, drive the neighbors crazy and wha~lah~Pha~Lau!.

    Or if you really have not time or patience, Kho Bo is optional.

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