I like writing. (As you’ve seen.) I have an overactive imagination. (Not always a good thing.) I knew it was only a matter of time before I started making up stories to bridge the gap between my boring life (I had pizza for lunch, I went dancing, I found out a good trick to clean my teeth after a meal in public without anyone noticing, that kind of boring), and the colourful movies that are set on continuous play in my head.

So here you go. A new category. With stories of my own, my family’s, my friends’. Of imaginary characters that reside in my mind and nowhere else. Of the past, present, future. Either told as is, or mixed, matched, divided, multiplied. Snippets of life, and especially love, that I conjure up simply because that’s the way, ah hah ah hah, I like it, ah hah ah hah.

Maybe I’m just a coward and only came up with this  folder to hide the skeletons I’d rather not reveal in my closet. (Or to be more accurate, to show them but not owning up that they’re mine.) Maybe it’s just a way to plaster my friends’ secrets on the WWW without giving them a legitimate  reason to charge over to my place and smash my head on the keyboard.

But maybe, it’s just a place where I can play. Like a big jigsaw puzzle. And I love jigsaw puzzles! The only difference is that there are countless possibilities of how I can fit all the pieces together. It’s a lot of fun. So please don’t worry too much about working out whether it’s my story, or yours, or someone else’s. It could be anyone’s, as far as I’m concerned. Whether it’s whole, or chopped up, or pasted together. Two characters can share the same name. And a character can go by a hundred aliases. The beginning comes from one place and the ending is fished out from another.

Just enjoy the tale as it is. After all, it’s fictional.

And now to rake my brain for something worthwhile of all the hype I’ve just created up there.



4 thoughts on “Fictional?

  1. Hey let me get your autograph first, and when you become a very famous author I can cash it in ROFLMAO

    When I used to write, lots of my friends made a habit of attributing what happens in the story to what was going on in my real life. Admittedly there might be some streaks of my unconscious, but really, get a life people, they seemed unable to see someone out there just simply has an “overactive imagination”, to quote you.

    Btw, how was your Tet? Did you actually celebrate it? 🙂

  2. ~ T1, you still use a napkin, but make it look like you’re wiping your lips, but instead bare your teeth and clean them instead. hehehe. Will give you a demonstration next time. hehee

    ~ Jane, did you get my text girlie? I was asking if you & your sis could come around for the Tet party. I didn’t hear back so figured you still had to stay in Shepparton during the long weekend.

    Yeah, you know our friend Nghi and how she writes these beautiful poems. I remembered the poor thing had to squeeze in a disclaimer every time, or else people’d think the poem is actually about her. Although we can’t blame them. Hence I came up with the separate category.

    Call me when you’re back in Melb town!!

  3. Hey no didn’t get any text about tet. When did you send? I came back the weekend and didnt really do much just lazed around. Back home permanently now, will give you a buzz soon.

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