Knit one, purl one

I’m knitting a scarf. Yes, a thick wool one. To wear around my neck in WINTER. Now people in Ozland, especially Melbourne, would roll their eyes and think I’m totally losing my marbles. And they’d be right too,  considering we just had 3 days in a row of 43-degree heat!!! As in Celcius. As in scorchingly, stinkingly, scaldingly hot. As in much, much hotter than Vietnam. Imagine that! It’s been feeling rather like living permanently in a fan-forced oven. Now I know how those poor turkeys must feel. Today it dropped all the way down to, wait till you hear it, 27 degrees! Absolutely fuh-reeeee-zing! Time to get out my winter coats!

Anyway, back to my scarf. Why the hell, you may ask? Well that’s what’s called “planning ahead”, people. In previous years I’d only begin working on one when the temperature started to drop below 18 degrees. Which resulted in a finished scarf somewhere around end of spring! So let’s hope I’ll have this one all nice and done by autumn. (I said “hope”.) Also, I was told to think cool thoughts. So have been daydreaming about skiing a lot lately.

Before TM went back to VN for Tet, Mum requested all the knitting stuff to be sent over. She sounded like she was scheming something. So cute. I went through my craft box in the garage — a gigantic one in addition to another (not much smaller) box in the spare room. Found a scarf half done that I didn’t remember starting on. So I took it apart and began cooking up another right now. A super long, skinny one.

You guys know I’m a bit of a crafty-thumb. Got it from Mum. Although while Mum can knit the most complicated jumpers, all I can do is scarves — straight forward knit & purl stitches. That’s it! Pretty lousy, even if I have to say so myself.

Oh, and that just reminded me, two of the ex-boys (ahem) had a scarf each, painstakingly knitted by yours truly. I wonder if they still keep those, or have chucked them out long ago. Wondering if I could get them back if they no longer want them. Fair enough, isn’t it? Or would that be rather awkward?

Oh well, anyhow. Will post up a photo of the thing in progress.

Stay cool, peeps!


(Tune of the day: The New Girl in Town ~ Hairspray soundtrack)
Love those dresses! Don’t you?


7 thoughts on “Knit one, purl one

  1. Haha, oops spot-on, we both share exactly the same thought haha!!! I have a hunch that this winter is gonna be bloody freezing just like it’s f*&^ hot in summer hehe. I wonder if my ex no longer want it, could i please get it back. Actually i made two of those, the only-for-couple ones, stupid me gave him both of them and thought that ting-ting we’d wear them together one day. But we split up even before winter came hehe so sometimes I hope i can get over my nerves and just ask him to return mine back :)) … yeah, i do miss them lots

  2. hey em, i have a similar hunch about winter, but i do NOT like it one bit. UGH!

    hehe, i know. aren’t we girls all the same? All that love & hope & effort we put into a relationship. Only to learn that, er… boys are stupid. hahaha 😉 😀

  3. Now i know why you’re knitting a scarf hehehe… You are very baddd Sisi. I almost fainted at the Festival hihihi. I kept asking myself “what the hell” “did i smell something fishy here” blah blah …. Yet, above all, i’m truly happy

  4. nah em, the scarf’s for me & m’. It’s a girly one, mostly red, but also mixed with some other colours.
    That was the reaction I was aiming for, haha, but good thing you didn’t faint. You’d have missed out on all the actions. 😉

  5. chị, would you make me one 🙂

    i love knitting but can never learn it. (you already knew) i am so clumsy with those nữ công gia chánh 😀 and dont have enough patience to learn 😀

  6. hehehe, chị đan hoài 1 cái cho chị còn chưa xong nữa nè. ý là đã đan bằng 2 que đan bự chảng rồi đó. mũi nào mũi nấy cỡ bằng con gà mái rồi đó. chị cũng làm biếng lắm em ơi. 🙂

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