The fires

You might have noticed that posts have been rather sparse in the last few days. It’s not that I’m lazy. Okay, it’s not just that. Nor that I didn’t have anything to write about, quite the opposite. But everything seems to fade in significance when one thinks of the devastating tragedy of those horrifying bushfires in Victoria. There’s simply no words to describe the pain.

Under the commands of my own defence mechanism, I tried to stay away from the TV and newspapers. I tried to divert my thoughts everytime the word “fire” started to hover around my mind. But how could I? When people who live, or DID live, merely 100kms from us have lost their everything, their towns, their houses, their farms, their animals, even their families and their very own lives. It’s at a scale I can’t bring myself to comprehend. And when i heard that some fires were deliberately lit, my head simply exploded.

I can’t say much more, or I’ll get into a state of destructive depression that may take forever to get out, and that no one seems to understand. To donate, please go here Red Cross, or here

Even a little bit helps. But I guess you already know that, don’t you?

~tears fall hot
like African rain
i think i’m gonna sing you
a lullaby~

(Song for Jane ~ Tinpan Orange)


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