Tinpan Orange


tinpan-orangeThey’re this new band that I’m currently obssessed with. That’s to put it mildly. We discovered them by accident when Tam took us to Bennetts Lane to watch Renee Geyer a few months back, and they were guest performers for the night. Yesterday A. & I went to watch their own gig in Manchester Lane. Needless to say, we had a ball!

One thing both of us agree on is supporting local bands. Although in my case, a lot of the local Aussie bands play the type of noisy punk rock I can’t stomach. No offence meant. Just a personal preference. I tend to gravitate towards the cleaner, clearer, more acoustic sound. Electronic instruments don’t interest me. They hurt my eardrums and all start to sound the same after 2 songs. (Which, I guess, definitely harks back to the fact that I’m unbelievably low-tech and prefer things the manual, old-fashioned way.)

But this group? This group is totally my piece of cake, my kettle of fish, my cup of tea. Oh yes they are! The melodies are soothing, uplifting, entrancing. The lyrics are deep, meaningful, thought provoking. Their voices are haunting, absorbing, mesmerising. And the mix of acoustic guitars, a mandolin, a violin, a trumpet, a keyboard, occasionally a ukulele, is nothing but addictive. Crack in the form of floating musical notes, I’d say.

Last time I checked, the count of my E:\ drive yielded more than 5000 songs, but I must admit to being very picky when it comes to music. Listen to a lot, like only a very few. But Tinpan Orange has now been located right up there next to Norah Jones, Jewel, and Five For Fighting on my playlist.

Anyway, enough with my ramble, go read a bit more about the band and have a listen for yourself here: http://www.tinpanorange.com/ (Check out the player to the left of the page.) Although obviously, nothing compares to listening to them live. Where you can watch Alex breaking into a 2-minute solo on the guitar that would make even Mark Knopfler nod in amazement, or Emily getting so absorbed in the music her body starts to sway every which way and she wouldn’t care. And you’d sit there entranced, like a little puppet possessed, your mind purging away all thoughts and there’d be nothing but magic seeping into your every pore. It’s so real, and yet so surreal.

Anyhow, if you’re in Melbourne, kindly get yourself to one, or all, of their gigs. Preferably the indoor ones. In my opinion, outdoor performances aren’t good for this type of music. You can’t “feel” it the same way. If you’re  not in Aus, well I think you can order their CD’s online. Just don’t blame me when you get hooked and find yourself stalking the band everywhere & every time they’ve got a live show on. You’ve been warned!

~ today I found my innocence
down that same crooked road
reminded by an old man
who stoped to smell a rose~

(“Lost and Found”)


2 thoughts on “Tinpan Orange

  1. hey Jesse! Wow what a nice surprise. Now I’d better print this page out because soon you guys will be really famous, your songs played everywhere, and then I can pop the printout on eBay! mwahaha… =D

    Anyway, yes I’ll make sure to catch you guys when you’re back in Melbourne. And will drag a whole team along. Can’t wait for the new album too!
    Also, I love your voice! Been playing “The Counting Song” about 200 times today. Hmm wondering if people may say that’s a little obsessive. 😉

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