Unwavering love

Despite all my best efforts, I can’t take my mind away from the devastating bushfires that are still raging in places around Victoria. The atmosphere’s been thick with smoke for the last two days. Even the harsh Aussie summer sun can’t seem to get through, and only manages to cast a muted, hazy, orangy light over everything. Yesterday evening I could look directly at it without my sunnies!

The moon last night was RED. A dark blood red that was chillingly creepy to watch. I took a photo but it didn’t turn out too well. I wonder if even the air in our inner suburbs is smoky enough to make me cough all day and develop a headache, how absolutely horrifying must it be at the affected areas, a mere hour drive from us? 😦

The pain goes on…


To take our mind away from it all for a sec, I’ve got this clip for you. (Thanks to a lady on our Beading Forum who lives in England.)

I particularly love the Viennese Waltz bit. So cute! And the twist too. If I’d been there, you betcha I’d have totally thrown in some wacky moves of my own too! Because if I’m allowed to have one eternal, unwavering love, it is for dance and music. They never fail me. Rain, hail or shine. They don’t play games, don’t have rules, never look down on me. Whatever I give them, I get back a thousand fold more. That explains why I personally don’t find going dancing 5 nights a week is exessive.* Ah non! As long as your body can still take it, I say, SHAKE IT!

And since we’re in the mood for it, here’s another one I posted last year on my old blog. Still amuses me to no ends!

(Sit still, it only happens past the 40 second mark.)


* Also explains the case of A. 😉 and our penchant for public display of, er, not affection, but spontaneous (and no doubt uncoordinated) dance routines. But sshhh… beans not ready to be spilled just yet.

One thought on “Unwavering love

  1. Co Tra` oi, cong nhan la bushfire khung khiep that. Bo me Ni cung tri’ch quy tiet kiem cua Ni ra de ung ho cho cac ban bi anh huong boi bushfire day.

    Ni van chua thay diamond ring dau ca nhung van nhat dinh di du sinh nhat fiance Ryan. Chu nhat tuan sau hen gap cho Tra nhe. Song hom nao co Tra va co Hanh lai den choi voi Ni nhe.

    Cong nhan dau tu vao may cong ty bi?m sound like a good idea chi so kinh te kho khan bo me cac ban tre con lai quyet dinh cho dung disposable nappies thi tien cua Ni lai goes down the drain het!

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