Hate mail

This morning I checked and there were two, yes, TWO!, of what I may call negative criticisms, left on this blog. One on my “skinny whinge” telling us to “get over ourselves”, and that “there are people with actual problems” out there. The other on my “poo catcher pants” review, calling me a silly bitch (aww!) and that they’d laugh at me if they saw me on the street. Wow! Let me ask you something, folks, do you know what this means? Can you even grasp the significance of this? Can you? Because OH-EM-GEE I’M FAMOUS! Total strangers left hate comments on my wall. Woohoo!

The only thing I’m regretting now is that I was so absolutely gobsmacked, I instantly pressed Delete. Talk about knee-jerk reactions. Damn! Should have left them there so I’ve got something to whine about in therapy five years down the track. “Hi, I’m Amy. Cyber strangers I never met did a Google search, came to read one entry on my blog, and decided to hate me. I have low self-esteem. I have suicidal thoughts.” That kind of thing.

Anyhow. Enough with the sarcasm. If there is one thing I’ve learnt from watching Mum deal with people, that is to not let their opinions get into you. Especially not nasty, thoughtless remarks. When encountering those, just laugh at how petty they are. Or better still, laugh at their typos. Mwahaha… 😉



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