Him: Girls would always launch into some heavy talk just before you fall asleep.

Me: Hell yeah we do!

(What better time to extract the truth?)

~t2: prone to weighty talking at all the wrong moments ;)~


4 thoughts on “Converse

  1. As long as it doesn’t force me out of bed I think it’s fine

    “huh, yes?”
    “Did you remember to take the garbage out?”
    “ahhh shit … i’ll be back”

  2. ~ Jack,
    well I should think that those things which force you out of bed would be the least dangerous. Imagine this:
    “uh huh?”
    “remember the new Holden Astra you said you’d buy for me?”
    “yeah? what about it? ”
    “well i was thinking, you wouldn’t mind my upgrading it to a Benz instead, would you?”

    ~ Minh,
    Oops! I think your lady is going to blame me now, for spilling one of the sisters’ best kept secrets. hehee

  3. Peacefully and calmly I will

    A) Roll over and pretend to be sleep
    B) Begin to spoon, then discuss that there is no difference between the two cars and she is getting the Astra, unless she would like to pay the Difference
    C) If option B doesn’t work, upon finishing I will initiate option A, without a whinge, and if needed balance 2″ off the edge of the bed or sleep on the floor until further notice.

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