Style icon? My ass!

Just realised there hasn’t been any rants on fashion for a while now. Not because I’ve stopped wearing clothes. (Well wouldn’t you be glad if that was the case?) But because I’ve been lazy. Plus since m’ and I cancelled all our glossy mag subscriptions and rarely go shopping these days, I guess I’m a little out of touch with the whole fickle fashion fiasco.

Anyhow, yesterday I saw this link via Mamamia to someone else’s blog entry on Agnes-Dain-or-however-it-is-spelled. You know, that whacky British model with the pixie hair. And man, did I have a good time slapping my thigh in agreement with Ms. Jones when she talked about style.

Style is not, really, about following every fashion trend, nor is it about spending vast amounts of money buying only the newest and the best (if that were the case, Victoria Beckham would be a style icon, which clearly she is not, while Cheryl Cole, who has just been named Tatler magazine’s best dressed, has no innate personal style either, just loads of cash).

I hate that this messy, un-put together look is deemed somehow ‘London’. That Agy has now joined a long line of cutting edge Brits (Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse and the lamentable Peaches Geldof) who demonstrate how non-conformist they are by dressing like tramps.

EXACTLY! I mean, the girl is a model. She can whack on a muddy potato sack and I’ll bet my bottom dollar she’ll still look amazing. But the outfits! Explain to me, how are  THESE (below) considered “stylish”? Even a 4-yo playing with her Mum’s clothes could coordinate better.


Seriously, if I hear one more person slapping the “style icon” label on the likes of Agyness Deyn, Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins and other young, clueless, cashed-up chicks; I’d pack my toothbrush, go live in a jungle and wear a coconut bra and palm-leaf rara skirt. Now THAT, that’d show those monkeys what a “style icon” is. They should just ditch those lousy fur coats already, really!

(Or have I just revealed my real age?)



2 thoughts on “Style icon? My ass!

  1. Good god, when I was living in London, my sister dressed like that all the bloody time. I kind of miss the London of the 80s, seemed much more fun than it did the last time I went in ’99.

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