Asian delicacy

Last night A. was supposed to come around for dinner and guess what? He was an hour late, as per usual procedure! So when he arrived I was giving him the silent treatment, to which he commented that I seemed a little “distracted”. And he should have been able to read my mind because at that point it barked: “DISTRACTED! Distracted is when you’re running 1/24 of a day late and not having the decency to call and let me know. THAT is distracted! But the look I’m giving you right now? That’s fuming, boiling, exploding anger!” Or something along those lines.

Anyhow, being the calm, controlled, collected person that I am (hey, stop giggling!), after 5 minutes of Cold War, I asked him to help fix the pasta sauce. Which he eagerly proceeded, by adding about 2 tonnes of cracked pepper, and then decided that it was indeed “a little peppery” (!) At one point I looked over and there he was, stooping over the stove, poking and prodding at the pot, looking so very adorable. Or should I say, the back of his jumper was looking very adorable. So I rushed around and hugged his back. And he said, hey there baby. And I said, sorry for being grumpy earlier. And then he said, it’s ok, it’s like sweet and sour stuff. And I said, huh??? And he said, this is the sweet bit.


Right. I think I should start living up to my Aisan heritage and make him drive around for HALF AN HOUR to find a parking spot within HALF A METRE of the entrance everywhere we go. That’ll teach him. Hah!



5 thoughts on “Asian delicacy

  1. Shame you can’t just park on the foot path, to narrow it down to half a foot from the entrance of wherever you want to go. I miss my bike every time I go to Australia “life is so much easier with a bike, park where I like, ride on the foot path, the joys of switching gears!”

  2. He’s so Asian, with the karaoke and being late thing, not to mention the chopstick master certificate. Tell him i went to bed yesterday with a “nightmare” full of his “sweet” singing and “lovely” dancing haha… The girls think Peter is cute but i think N. looks better.

    My A. (yours should change to N. hehe) is quite punctual and if he’s 5 minutes late, he’ll HAVE TO call and then apologize. But if I’m 15 to 30 minutes late like i always am, he’ll HAVE TO understand that some unexpected thing happens and won’t dare to give me the face πŸ˜›

    Anyway did not have time to ask you about studying, blaming it on the wonderful hot pot from em Beo πŸ˜‰ We should get together again soon, girls only to 888 hen

  3. T.

    Glad to see you’re gettin’ yours (sweet & sour, or lemon-y & caramel-y) and enjoying yourself.

    Gonna see my honey in a couple weeks…can’t wait, but it’s gonna be very different from last time.

    Cook and eat well.

  4. ~ Jack,
    hahha yes I miss that about Vietnam too! I used to get on my bike to travel a distance that takes a mere 4 mins to walk, i.e. to the main road to buy some banh’ cuo^n’.
    Oh, and I agree, the fun of switching gears as well.

    ~ Belle, happy? Well me, I’m just sour, you see! =P

    ~ T1, I think your A. should give mine a little lesson on that front! His phone is flat again as we speak, so I’ll make sure to pass your comment on his entertaining / performing skills tonight. Girls get-together, yes! Let’s! There’s heaps to 8 about. Especially the other T who was oh-so-dreamy the whole day yesterday. hee heee πŸ˜‰

    ~ Minh, so you’re moving away from Seattle are you? All the best for the road ahead!
    “I’m on my way, from misery to happiness today, ah hah, ah hah, ah hah, ah hah!” (Shrek 1 soundtracks, really cute song, check it out.)

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