Possible psychological implications of a morning meal

Since someone got up too late this morning and didn’t have time to make me breakfast (hmmph!), I ended up munching on a scone and some coffee at work. Hey wait! Where are you going? Come back! This isn’t going to be one of those boring blog entries which describe in great details every single meal someone’s got the good fortune to have, and which serve no purpose except for making you drool. You know the ones. I subscribed to “vietnamese” on that “Tag Surfer” thing here at WordPress, and at one stage I thought, if I ever see another close-up shot of a bowl of phแปŸ, I’m really going to send the blogger a nice little bucket of my own saliva! Ugh!


So scone, butter, cream, jam. Here I was, heaping scoops and scoops (or scooping heaps and heaps, whichever sounds better to you) of butter on my scone when I thought, if you have to choose only one thing to go on your scone, which one would it be?
I know for me, butter would win handsdown! I mean, if push comes to shove I’d even skip the scone itself.ย  A. would pick the cream, although only when it’s fresh and NOT that frothy, pre-whipped type from a pressured can. My lovely m’ would definitely go for the jam. While TM, probably a different one each time.

And then I did some more thinking, (when one’s mouth is working, one’s mind wanders, naturally). Just to keep up with the theme of that recent horrifying outbrake of Facebook quizzes, you KNOW the ones! I mean, for goodness sake, I do NOT need to know about a cousin’s preference for sex over eating, or sleeping, or doing a number 2! I really do NOT need to know! I also do NOT wish to learn that if a friend was going to be a body part, they’d be a PENIS! Hey I have no problems with everyone having fun with those, but there should be some way you can block ALL quizzes on your main news update page.

Anyhow, after all that pondering about scones and whatnots, I’d pose this question to you: What would you choose for breakfast and what does that say about your nose-picking pattern or burping habit?

Just think about it.

~t2 who has nothing better to do at 11.22 in the morning~

(No, correction. More like, ~t2 who has way too much work to do but chose to sit and write nonsensical rants at 11.22 in the morning~)


7 thoughts on “Possible psychological implications of a morning meal

  1. there should be some way you block your facebook page from seeing updates from other people ๐Ÿ™‚

    hey em Beo if you read this post, there’s an answer to your question hehe hihi

  2. ~ T1, well you can block either the application, or the person. I don’t want to block updates from most friends, but have blocked all quizzes that have popped up, but they seem to be mushrooming out of control. Now what they should have, is something like “Block all quizzes” or “Block all fan updates” or similar. Anyhoo. Guess i’ll just have to put up with those. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~ Belle, i didn’t know what question that was but judging from your & T1’s tones, i think i do now. ahem! =P

  3. wow Jack, that looks absolutely DELISH! Could you DHL me some please??? Geez you’re becoming more Vietnamese than me now. I haven’t made Com hen before. Well done! ๐Ÿ™‚

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