Fiscal restraint

Me (to m’ & TM): What do you guys think is the quickest way to make money?

m’: The other day the girls at work were talking about certain sort of female students who do certain type of dancing at certain kind of clubs. To pay off their Uni fee!

Me: Yeah I’ve heard of that. Well, if they’ve got the body and they’ve got the moves, why not? *pause* Hey, do you think  I’ve got the body?

At which point m’ & TM had to try to stiffle a laugh until they went red in the face and if you had been there to say “boo!” at them, they’d have exploded!

What? Even if I haven’t got the moves, it wouldn’t be too hard to train.  STOP GUFFAWING! This is not a joke. =P



4 thoughts on “Fiscal restraint

  1. Probably marry a rich man :p haha… mmm…I don’t know if it works though.

    Ok, that’s my 2 mins for blogging and facebook-ing for today =)). Got to get back to my book :))))))

    Have a good week ahead Sisi. Muah muah xoxoxo

    PS: I still love you no matter you are poor or rich 😀 hehehe

  2. I was joking the other day, I work my way to a six pack, learn Vietnamese & Korean and then whore myself to rich old Korean women in District 7, then rich house wives in District 2. I don’t even need to speak either language fluently.

    “Chi oi, sau an trua chi muon di ve nha?”

  3. ~ Belle, you sure it was just 2 minutes? not 2 mins x50 times a day? 😉
    Wuv you too! Good luck with the books!

    ~ Jack, hahahaaa, good one! You crack me up! Maybe change it to “em” though. I mean even though they know they’re older, it would do you better NOT to remind them of that. :)) Good luck! Keep us updated! 😉

    ~ Minnie, thanks em. hehe…

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