Cultural Calendar & The Bar at Buena Vista

I thought I’d better keep track of the shows and gigs that we’ve been and are going to. Not to brag. Okay, not just to brag, but to have a record for myself. You know, so half a century later when I’m old and senile, when accessing the WWW from your laptop is something to be documented in a museum, when my grandkids have in-built chips in their heads to access the Net anytime, anywhere, especially when they’re away on Jupiter on a business trip. Then, then I can sit down and go through this old blog and go “Ah… the olden days. Fifty years ago on this day we went to see a Japanese Drumming show and I sulked at A. for claiming to know the way there and refusing to consult the MelWay, when clearly he didn’t. What’s it about men & maps? Pah! He still does that. Just the other day we were on the way to Mercury to play bridge for the weekend, and because he chose to drive a manual spaceship, I had to sit on the passenger seat, watching him steering us all the way to Neptune AND back, completely ignored my SolarWay shouting out directions!” You know, things like that.

Most of the time I have the best intention to write about the event afterwards.   But being a self-proclaimed Procrastinator (with a capital P), I never seem to get around to it. Wicked the musical, Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion, the French Film Festival, etc. etc. never got mentioned except for a short blurb on facebook alerting my friends to buy tix and go see them too.

So I’m thinking, for my own sake, maybe I’ll just jot down some brief info and include some links. And later when I have more time (which is likely to be NEVER), I can sit down and yap about them in detail.

Anyhow. For a starter. Tonight we’re seeing this (thanks to m’ for organising):


The Bar at Buena Vista – The Legendary Grandfathers of Cuban Music

The Bar at Buena Vista pays homage to the Buena Vista neighbourhood – the famous quarter of Havana and Cuba’s music legends, such as the late Compay Segundo and Ruben Gonzalez.  It is a dedication to the original spirit of the music of Cuba, the lifeblood of a people whose heritage is as rich as it is old. A cast of Cuba’s most notable and legendary musical greats, drawn from the most renowned music quarter in the World, Barrio Buena Vista.

The Bar at Buena Vista brings us a cocktail of Cuban music and dance, in the tradition of The Buena Vista Social Club, The Afro Cuban All-Stars and Vieja Trova Santiagera.

When & Where: 8pm Friday 1 May 09, @ Hamer Hall, Arts Centre

Who: m’, A., me

Extra reading material (!): Buena Vista Social Club

Aren’t they good? I’d better get ready to break into a ( very uncoordinated) tango in the aisle next to our seats.



2 thoughts on “Cultural Calendar & The Bar at Buena Vista

  1. =)) love your writing 😡

    Yayy, what an eventful week, Sisi!!! I can’t wait to see you tonight. Honestly, I can’t wait to see all my earrings :))

    A beautiful Sat morning ;), hope someone didn’t wake up too late to make you brekkie hehehehe 😛

  2. it IS a busy weekend em. I need some quiet time though. Trying to squeeze in too much isn’t very healthy. haiiii…

    hehe, someone did get up early enough to walk to the shops & get croissants for breakfast, and then sent me to work (albeit 10 minutes late, but that’s still good progress hehehe). so nope, no sulking for me today 😉

    xi du tu-nai em 🙂

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