Beat. Dance. Not related.

One time we were breaking out some crazy dance moves in the middle of a gelati shop. As we do, you know. Granted, it was a long queue for a scoop of mouth-watering mandarin flavoured ice. But I also must admit, it happens quite often because I can’t listen to a good song without feeling this intense itch to twitch. (I’ve got issues!) And what good is there, I ask thee, to have a partner who can dance (i.e. dance partner, duh!), if you can’t burst into some random steps in weird places?

So as uncordinated as we are, the trick is to have fairly thick, bullet-proof skin. Otherwise there’s no way you can survive the fierce, incredulous stare from passers-by, who must wonder what asylum has let these two lunatics run loose in their dancing shoes? Such is the state of our mental health care system, pah!

Anyhow, as the lead, A. would sometimes be so concentrating on the moves, he loses the beat of the song. So this time, in the middle of all that  swirling & twirling, swaying & sashaying, he proudly declared:

“I won’t let beat get in the way of my dancing!”

It’s gold, I tell you, PURE GOLD! 🙂


PS: A. asked me to put this on here.
PPS: He doesn’t read my blog.
PPPS: I can badmouth about him all I want. And you’re more than welcome to join me. mwahaha…


One thought on “Beat. Dance. Not related.

  1. Yup!! that’s about it. Who cares anyway :))

    I am so bad at dancing according to the beats of the songs hehe ’cause for me, remember the right moves is just too much. Sometimes I lose tracks of the music. btw, love A’s attitude :)))))))

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