He does not watch TV. I do not watch TV.

He said, Maybe we should start watching TV. I said, Yeah we prolly should.

He said, We must be missing out on a lot of interesting things. I said, Yup, like Eurovision!

He said, We read news on the Net but TV must also be fun. I said, yeah, and I hate it when people go “You know, like that so-and-so character from such-and-such show, hahahaa!” and I just stand there looking totally retarded.

And then he bought 6 books in one shot last weekend. And then I borrowed three travel books from the library to prepare for the trip. And then we each cling on to our own laptop.

There’s a total of 3 TV’s at both our places and only one gets used. By m’.

A. and I are still as uncool as ever. *sigh…*



One thought on “TV

  1. Piffle. Books rock. Get yourself a decent broadband connection and a bittorrent client if you want to catch up on telly. You can download it and watch it when you want, then.

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