Short update

Ong noi (my paternal grandpa) passed away 8 days ago today :(. My tickets were booked for Hanoi long ago, but I didn’t make it home in time. After the initial shock, I think we’re still numb. It hasn’t really kicked in yet. I still can’t bring myself to believe that he’s gone. Forever. It’s not true. Tell me it’s not!

Life is fickle. What do you do?

Anyhow, quick updates:

1. I’ts fff-reeeee-zing! There’s already more than half a metre of snow on Mt. Buller and it’s barely mid-June.  If I weren’t leaving for Asia soon, I’d totally get myself up the mountain to ski, making the most of attractive early-bird deals. Will have to leave that till August now.

2. I’m down with the flu. It sucks! So freakin’ annoying! My immune system needs a good kick up the rear. It’s been playing up too often these months. Time to go back to the gym. Will do that after the trip.

3. Decided to drop one subject next semester, down to just one now. Tried two last time and it was harrowing! No time for anything but work, study, sleep, work, study, sleep, work, study, sleep. Haven’t touched the piano for yonks. Dancing only once/ twice a week. Barely saw any friends. In short, hardly had time to scratch my bum, so to speak. Rushing through life yet NOT living it. Me no likey. Me gonna change. Me gonna spend more time bum-scratching living me life!

4. This trip is gonna be a BIG one. Not chronologically, but geographically. (Looking at me saying big words!) Meaning lots of time in transit. LOTS. Meaning it’s “grazing”. Hopping on the surface. Meaning it’ll be over in a whirlwind, a lightning, a blur. Ppp-zzt! Over! Gone!

Not how I usually like to travel at all, but I’ve got little choice this time. If only there was a slow-motion function for life. Oh well, it’s still exciting! And I’ll get to be in Vietnam in (Northern hemisphere) summer. This is the second time in all the 12 years I’ve been away. All the other times were in Dec/Jan.

Will have to make sure I don’t overstuff myself with fruits. Already have a long long list. Care to hear? Mangosteens, jackfruits, sapodillas, mangosteens, mangoes, longans, lychees, mangosteens, rambutans, custard apples, soursops, and did I mention mangosteens?

OMG my keyboard’s soaked. So r r yy. .  . Lo o ks   l  i Ke  y oU r s   a rE   t Oo!



3 thoughts on “Short update

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. I lost both of mine many years ago, and I worry about my grandmothers now. The one thing hanging over me when I was travelling was that they’d pass on before I got back.

    Then I realised they’re too stubborn.

    Enjoy Hanoi. I’m heading there around August 22nd so I won’t catch you. As ever, I’m *really* looking forward to my trip to Vietnam. 10 days motorcycling round the bottom half and then a few days up north to see Blue Dragon.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Grandpa,

    What, no durian?, starting to get in Season again, oh, I had the best “Sinh To Sau Reing” the other day, freshly cut durian and sua, beaufiul, didn’t understand the owners accent, I couldn’t hear the difference between Hai and Bai.

    “muoi bai”
    “muoi hai?”
    “khong muoi bai”

    it could of gone forever I think

    I am always lazy to buy mangosteans since my local supermarket doesn’t sell them, I only find them at street vendors, and just I have a pet peeve with people pulling over in heavy traffic just to buy fruit.

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