Back to Reality

Here I am, slowly recovering from what has to be the most hectic 3-week trip ever. During which I moved about so much I felt like a spinning top. Whoosh! Whoosh! My brain! My brain! Rattling around in my skull like the last lolly in a tricky candy jar trying to get away from your grip.

Sure, I’d been on eventful journeys before but this one definitely took the cake! The last 21 days were so intense that towards the end of it, on the last day before the 22-hour (!) journey home, when I was up on the Great Wall – yes, THE Great Wall – sticking my butt out trying to climb up a fort in a massive sea of people, I vowed to the heavens that my next trip will involve one week of NOT doing anything. Absolutely zip, zilch, nada! Just good weather, nice surroundings, and great company. That’s it. That’s ALL of it. Yup, you can take one look at me and laugh NOW. But let me tell you, I can do lazy when I need to do lazy, ok?

So I’m dusting away this little corner of a blog right now, with the poor thing pouting at me for abandoning it for so long, Bad Owner! But this trip was one in which I didn’t feel the need to log on, to email, to facebook, to see what everyone else is doing. Apart from the occasional quick check of emails for important phone numbers, I was very un-connected. The way I’m visualising it is like this: So the Net is like… a net, right? (That’s why the name, duh!) Which hangs over the world and everyone is hooked onto it. And then 21 days ago I chopped the cord, dropped right off it, and landed on… the face of the earth. Rolling. And had a ball.

Anyway, I’m back. Officially. Physically. Not entirely mentally. There are so many highlights (and lowlights) to mention, so many photos to show off, so many stories to tell. Let me breathe a little and get back to you later with some kind of report, yah?

Stay safe, folks!



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