Proof that I’m no longer a teenager.

I watched Twilight last night. Yeah, finally! I’m always a little slow to this kind of things. Ok, not a little slow. VERY slow.

Anyhow, it’s interesting to see how the undead were glorified to the max and the teen market was stirred, shaken, overwhelmed. Which followed by Zac Effron getting knocked off the teenage heart-throb throne and a new wave of ROBsession began. (Of course, being an almost-thirty-something, I didn’t know any of this, m’ filled me in.) Me, I was amused at how different the Twilight vampires are, compared to Bram Stoker’s gruesome and horrifying creatures – who were supposed to have fangs like wolves, live in coffins, and smell like rotten flesh. None of this six-packed, spiky-haired, Debussy-playing mumbo jumbo. Also, how come they’re all extremely good looking in the movie? Even the “bad” ones. Ah yes, i forgot, it is Hollywood after all. You gotta be easy on the eye, bloodthirsty or otherwise.

 Having said that, I did like it, the cinematography is amazing! Makes me want to go back to Seattle again and check out the mountains in summer. And the plot, well, the way I picture it is: Edward and Bella are like me and a chunk of butter. A huge chunk of butter. In the shape of Matt Damon. I can touch it and smell it and hold it and do things to it. (Hey, get your mind out of the gutter!) Maybe even lick it a little. But I’m not allowed to eat it? Not even ONE bite? And there it is just keep dancing in front of me, naked? Pah, forget it! I mean, hello? I’d love it more if it would kindly make its way into my tummy. Thank you very much.

 A friend lent me the book but I’m too lazy to start on it. Too long. I’d watch the sequel to the movie though.



4 thoughts on “Proof that I’m no longer a teenager.

    • hehe chi oi, nghe vay em lai cang khong dam’ ddoc, ddoc bay gio thi di’ mui~ vao cuon sach, khong du*’t ra dde lam dduoc gi khac luon. 🙂
      dde next holiday em se loi ra ddoc.

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