How my mind works


Me cooking dinner. Frying some radish cake. Impressive, no? Gastronomical equivalent of working out the law of gravity, methinks.

Well, maybe not. But anyway. Do you think I was a/ very bored? b/ having early symptomps of OCD? Or c/ just a very neat person who also happens to be good at geometry?

Or maybe d/ someone who should shut up and get back to work?



2 thoughts on “How my mind works

  1. First time I’ve ever seen radish cakes. They look like candy. Knowing me, I’d have picked one up, shoved it in my mouth and gave you the most awful looking grimace imaginable.

    But, I’m sure you’re a great cook! 8^)

  2. aww, thank you Minh. I’m not too bad, even if I have to say so myself. 😉
    But radish cake is more like a sticky loaf thing. Very floury. And it’s savoury. You can buy them from Chinese grocers.

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