Age of innocence

No. Not about the book. But I thought of that line one day in Shanghai, when A. and I were walking along Fuzhou Lu in the morning. Now Fuzhou Lu is kinda like Russell St in Melbourne, not the top-motch main street, but also quite a busy one in the city center. We saw this little boy of about 5, having some kind of a fight with his Mum. She was trying to hold him back and he was yanking his hand away. Then he broke free, went to a tree, pulled down his pants and peed. Just like that. (And didn’t I just blurb out a little poem right there? Go, me!)

A. and I didn’t know whether to point and laugh, or turn up our nose and scorn. His Mum was standing there wishing the earth would crack under her feet and she could disappear. We ended up laughing quietly. Without the pointing though, didn’t want to get into trouble. But honestly, I thought it was hilarious, and cute too. I mean, stuff civilisation, manners, and all sorts of social boundaries. Stuff concrete, urban planning, tourist spots. Stuff the fact that the government allows all these food and drink shops sprouting up everywhere and yet it takes forever to find a decent public toilet. (Which is my biggest peeve about Asia. I mean, so the “import” end is fine, what about “export”?! Ugh!) Stuff all of that. Isn’t it wonderful to be at an age that, when you have to pee you just HAVE TO PEE? Simple as ever.



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