youandmeMt. Buller. After a long day on the slope. Wild wind thrashing outside. Bitter rain threatening to melt whatever left of snow on the trails. Inside, firewood crackling and popping. People laughing and drinking. Safe in the comfort of shelter. Happy in a circle of good company.

I turned on the stereo in the corner. Lying on the couch with my feet up on the arm-rest. Eyes closed. Body relaxed. Toes wiggling to Frankie’s “Somewhere Beyond the Sea”. Dreamily conjuring up a little routine in my mind. His laughter echoed from afar. The most heart-warming sound.

Footsteps. Footsteps. Opened my eyes and he was standing there with a blanket.

Me: E.b., e.b.! My muscles are so sore, I’m having to dance in my head.

Him: Me too. But I’m so tired, I’ve only been doing the basic all this time!

And we had the best laugh. The bestest laugh. Falling over each other. Our throats croaked. Our tummies hurt. Our eyes teary.

Joy exuding, radiating, permeating. Warming up the coldest of snow.



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