Pollen season

Well, spring has sprung on us. Finally! In fact, it officially hit the Land Down Under (lovingly known as Uhstrayah) a few days ago, but you can always trust in me to be a little slow with important news. The sun’s a-shining, birds a-chirping, trees a-blooming, my nose a-flowing like a miniature Niagara fall. People everywhere are busy snot-wiping, eye-rubbing, leg-waxing, bikini-shopping, gym-membership-renewing. And oh, there’s one big flat fly buzzing around the room thinking it’s Mick Jagger on stage at Wembley, DRIVING ME NUTS!

Anyway, welcome, sweet little ah-choo. So good to have you!



3 thoughts on “Pollen season

    • oi, where are you now? Not in VN yet? *scoot over to your travel blog*
      I’d swap for anywhere warmer without the hayfever!
      i shouldn’t have jinxed it because now it’s plunged down to 10*C again, thrashing wind & rain! bleahhh

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