Veins and the city

sex and the city 2

By saying this I know I run a massive risk of getting chased / bashed / whacked across the head with a Manolo-inspired heel by the throngs of Carrie Bradshaw’s fans. But. BUT! Seeing recent photos of the filming of Sex and The City 2 makes me kinda sad. Not boohoohoo sad, but more of a “sigh, it’s getting a little old” kinda sad.

As a fan of the original series, I found the first movie a little, um… how do I say it gently… well I can’t, it was THAT BLOODY DISAPPOINTING! Only the clothes were fab. Absolutely jaw-dropping! But the story line was so riled of cliche’s it made all those cheesy Korean movies look original. (Big didn’t turn up at the wedding? Charlotte’s adopted daughter from China? *gag*) After forking out 16 hard-earned bucks to watch it, I had to go home, pulled out my DVD’s, and “feasted” my eyes on the main series again, just to um… restore my faith in the spirit. It was that traumatic!

SATC3So now, now I really think the 2nd movie is just pushing too far, trying too hard. Maybe it’s time they should lay it off. Leaving permanent happy memories in the collective fashion-obsessed conscious, that kind of thing. Let it go while it’s still good. You know, while we still think fondly of the girls and their amazing/inspiring/wacky outfits, not winching at the sight of  middle-aged women tottering around in a pair of pain-inducing shoes, Choo, Cci or otherwise, the veins on their feet throbbing, pulsing, threatening to burst.

Don’t get me wrong, I think SJP is gorgeous. And so are the other three. Charlotte! Oh Charlotte! mmm… [insert dreamy, ecstatic, salivating expression]. I also admire the fact that Ms. Parker is embracing the whole “growing old gracefully” movement, and doesn’t seem to have had too much toxin (probably/hopefully none) injected in her face like many other female celebs. (G’day, Kylie!) But squeezing into teeny dresses and torturing your feet in weird-looking art objects just seem so, like, 2002.

But well, having said ALL of that (phew), when the movie’s out I’ll still go see it. Yeah, I’m a hypocrit like that. Even if the plot is bad, and I’m not trying to be psychic here, but it’s very much likely to be so, I’ll just put it down as a fashion documentary. Now that would be fun! 

~a fan with a love/hate/full-of-jealousy relationship with Carrie’s 81 outfits in the first movie~


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