Ode to a little box of seafood

Ah. Fish. Those lovely fish.

Nutrients, omega -3, protein,

They taste oh-so-delicious,

and apparently good for your brain.

Very easy to cook,

and extremely tasty to crunch,

But then of course they would make

you stand outside gobbling down your lunch.

~silly me messing about with words outside in the back yard, so the office doesn’t smell like my favourite sea-side town whose specialty is the thickest, most concentrated fish paste.~


3 thoughts on “Ode to a little box of seafood

  1. You’re able to find that smelly paste in Melbourne of all places, yeah i’d make you stand outside for that too, but my sister would also if I eat tuna sandwiches.

    Oh I hear you ladies are bound for MLX

  2. hehe well i wasn’t actually eating fish paste, but fish do smell, especially in the microwave.

    and yes! we’re hitting MLX with style. Or at least, enthusiasm! Come here and join the gang, Jack!!! How’s that for a good idea?

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