Phone & Diary

Left my phone & diary at home for the second time this week. No one calls on the phone much any more. (The appropriate comment here is: No life!) So am more worried about not having the diary nearby, feeling a little lost without knowing or remembering what’s been planned for the day and the week and the month ahead. Does that mean I’m stressed? A workaholic? A control freak? Losing my memory (at the ripe old age of thirty)? All of the above? Especially the old age bit? Ack!

But then to me, it also means that I love my work. “Huh? How did she get there?” Well, look at it this way, my tasks are never the same. And I’m totally enjoying the variety. Possessing a boredom threshhold of a 3-year-old, I’d be driven to strangle myself in a 9 to 5 job, or 8 to 6 as I used to have to do. Maybe one day I’ll get sick of this whole yo-yo work load – one minute I’m madly buzzing around like a fly trapped under a glass, the next I’d be sitting here zoning out, dozing off, trying to lick nose with tongue or seing if I can wave my ears. But for now, it works the best.

Until someone stupid, I won’t tell you who, forgot her diary at home. Ugh!


One thought on “Phone & Diary

  1. I know what you mean about work. The last job I had in the UK was with one of the best companies I could hope to work for. They took great care with their staff, I had wonderful co-workers, it was only a 10 min drive from home, I got a ton of overtime at a generous rate…

    And I was bored to tears. The best month I had was when the guy I worked alongside was off so I had a stupid workload and was busy all the time.

    Now I’m training to be a teacher and I’m loving it. High pressure, 850+ children per school and I’ll have to deal with all of them at one time or another. Cross-curricular studies. Keeping updated on the current syllabi. New teaching methods. Giving classes to varying ability levels. Coping with children with special needs.

    Every day is different. Giving the same lesson to a different class is different.

    I think I’ve finally found my niche.

    But I still feel itchy if I leave my planner or phone at home.

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