Back into the swing of things

I haven’t blogged for so long it feels alien to start typing things longer than two sentences again! Well to be fair, I’ve scrambled up some drafts, lots and lots of them staring resentfully at me right now from their dusty corner. I will may get around to them one of these days. 😉 You all know what that means.

Anyhoo, let’s do a quick recap just to oil up my rusty finger joints, shall we? Plus I’m hanging out at work (not working though) waiting to pick m’ up so something to pass the time.

Let’s start with December. This year my birthday month went past in a zip! Turning thirty (THREE-OH! *faints*) wasn’t too scary. Well, that is to say, besides all the panic attacks and depression bouts and hours spent searching for new grey hair and wrinkles, I managed to squeeze in quite a fair bit of partying. If I’m to go down, I’m going down with style, man! Meanwhile, work was gruelling and left me a little numb, and extremely worn out, although one can hardly complain about the sound of the till ringing some much needed dollars.

Then “the boss” (guess who?) decided to give myself a long break. Sticking to my words after the China trip in July, this time there wasn’t any travel plans, no big trips, no small trips, no nothing. Just plain old sitting around on my fat arse, catching up with friends, family, and lots of good books. It was hard at first, like something was amiss (errr, maybe, A TRIP?!). But then my weary brain slowly calmed down and cheered up, my tired body slowly cooled down and perked up, and I ceased to be that neurotic girl with the bloodshot eyes and haggard look who would complain loudly and then follow it with “No i’m NOT complaining, I’m merely stating a fact!”. Of course the fact was that I WAS whinging but let’s not wake a sleeping dog shall we?

Anyhow, it felt so refreshing to be able to read till my eyes hurt, churning through piles of books. Bookworm doing some great binge-reading. It was so damn nice to cook for fun, talk to people for fun, doing things only when I felt like it, generally mucking around.

After the new year m’ and I started a massive spring clean campaign. It really was massive! Actually, still is. Five full days of intensive cleaning, tidying, rearranging furniture, and something slightly resembling gardening, have left our muscles sore but our clutters cleared (both physical and mental). And oh boy, doesn’t it feel wonderful! You guys will soon be invited over for a house re-warming party, to admire our handiwork and grace OUR NEW COUCHES with your lovely backsides! Cue: here is where you chirp in, No shit, did you really? And we’d beam, Oh yes we did!, and then do a little twist. I even made five spanking new cushions to match. Both of us are a little skint right now but seriously, even our eyes were sick of the old lumpy futon. (Our butts have given up long ago.)

So there you go. The last one and a half months in a nut shell. (Quite a big nut this one is, probably a Brazillian.) Will have to get back to writing more often. Fingers are squeaking. Not good.

Great new year to you all! Xox



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