He got me roses. Dark red roses. On the 13th. Oh dear! We both know we don’t do Valentine’s day, but I mean, it was such a cute surprise. But then again, the dude could have given me a scrunched up wad of tissue paper and I’d still think it’s cute. Talk about smitten.

On another note, V-day this year was also 1st day of Lunar New Year. So we went to a massive party at a friend’s house and I decided to dress up in my ao’ dai`. The set was made exactly 12 years ago for the same occasion and has only been worn about 3 times. Kinda glad it still fits and was telling myself that that tightness around the waist was purely because I’d been drinking too much water. Talk about denial.

Year of the Tiger hey! This is going to be a fantastic year. I’m not predicting it, I’m telling it. Bring it on.


PS: Am thinking of moving all Vietnamese entries into another blog. What thinks you?


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