My way, blog way, and tectonic way

1. This morning in the car to work, “My Way” was played on the radio. Not Frankie’s well-known version, but a rather slow, dragging, Pavarotti-style adaptation. I find it somehow hilarious, especially when the singer went “I aaaate iiiit uuuup and spiiiit iiiit oooouuttt.” Not as much conviction, I don’t think, as “I Ate! It! Up! And SPIT! It! Out!” So well, Frankie still wins it hands down.

2. The beauty of posting from email – and in my case, using Outlook – is that you can use Shift-F7 like it’s going out of style. That, and the ability to send off fragmented rambles with no set topics or clear directions. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing for writing.

3. Apparently New Zealand’s moving towards Aussie land, in the last year it has shifted 30cm closer to us, and in 7.5 million years, our great-great-great-greeeeeaaat…-grandchildren can just stroll over to Mount Hutt and ski! Is it wrong to already be jealous of your future descendants? Or should I be concerned that at the rate we’re going, there may not be an Earth for them to start with, let alone any tectonic plate movement . Sobering thoughts…

Anyhow, enough yip-yap for the day, time to “face it all, stand tall, and do it my way”. Colloquial term: work my ass off.

Have a lovely week, peeps!



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