Dust-buster blog post

Yes, it has been a while. I was contemplating starting the blog back from where I left off (i.e. before the European adventure), but have decided against it. It’ll never get done that way. So I’m just going to start from here and now, and return to fill in the gap as time goes on.

So. Back home one day and straight to (hard) work the next. Now it’s done and I’m a little lost. Even blogging feels strange. Such indulgence! (I was writing in a real notepad using a real pen on the road. No fancy formatting or photo upload or backspace button, but “back to basic” doodling and smearing ink on fingers was rather fun.) It feels just like the last day of Uni. What to do now? And then you get so overwhelmed with possibilities you don’t know where to start. Well, first thing first: going to rest my overly tired body and start on the books I bought on the trip. Oh yes of course I got books. What else do you think I’d buy?!

Back soon, digital diary.

~return of the t~



Dear Loss,

Thank you for letting us get a glimpse of what you could be like the other day. That really jolted us into realising what an amazing thing we have. Thank you for not arriving and we hope to never, ever see you. Because just the thought of you is enough to straighten us up.

With much awe,


Another thank-you note

I love Leah’s idea at THX THX THX so much, here’s me at it again.

Dear Mondays,

Thank you so much for being my Sundays, when I have some time for myself; but also can run errands if need be, because the bank and all other services are open. Thanks for also allowing me to pretend to be a hard-working person when I choose to go to the office, while in actuality I’m just AT work, but spent all day talking on the phone to friends and updating photos on Facebook, because you’re my Sundays after all.

Here’s to many more of you to come.



Who/What/Where/When would you like to thank today?

I just found out about this lovely blog via MamaMia’s site: THX THX THX by Leah Dieterich. It’s a collection of daily thank-you notes to anyone and anything. What’s even better is that they’re all hand-written! Quirky, creative, and very, very cute. Check it out.

Well, in the spirit of saying thanks, I’d like to include this:

Dear my hair,

Thank you for stubbornly sticking out on one side of my head this morning and making it look like a frayed peeled coconut, just before I had to catch up with my lovely friends for lunch. You made me realise that they don’t care much for how you look, or I look, for that matter, but enjoy my company regardless.

Lots of thanks and love,


Dim-witted morons thinking they could fool people!

I got this email just now, together with a .zip file so reeking of virus, that even a chimpanzee wouldn’t be so stupid as to open it.

From: Your Facebook Team [mailto:customer.service@facebook.com]
Sent: Friday, 19 March 2010 9:46 AM
To: info@…

Subject: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation NR.81751

Hey info ,

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed.

You can find your new password in attached document.


The Facebook Team.

Who do they think we are? Idiots? If they were gonna spam / scam people, at least put in an effort, fake a little better. “Hey info ,”?! “THE Facebook Team”?! It’s just gag-inducing! There really is no ends to stupidity. It’s trash like these that makes me grateful for possessing at least a little bit of brain in my skull.

Happy Friday, folks!


Trường ca Bánh khọt

Phải công nhận, 8 đồng rưỡi bỏ ra mua cái khuôn bánh khọt là phi vụ đầu tư có lời nhất của mình trong mấy tháng qua! Bốn bữa rồi ngày ăn bánh khọt hai lần mà còn chưa ngán. Tuy nhiên sau đợt Tết ăn bánh chưng tới mức lúc đứng lên sắp không tự dòm thấy được ngón chưn, thì giờ nguy cơ béo phì lại đang rình rập. Làm bánh khọt nhớ hồi nhỏ học lớp 5 lớp 6, suốt ngày lúp xúp với mấy đứa em đổ bánh khọt, làm mứt thơm, làm bánh tiêu không phồng. (Số là vì đi cả vòng chợ Tân Định hỏi mua bột nổi mà không ai bán, nên đủ hết các thành phần, mùi vị y như tiệm, nhưng chỉ mỗi tội cái bánh tiêu nhỏ xíu như trái banh bóng bàn, đặc quánh, chiên lên nhai rau ráu.)

Thôi hẹn mấy tuần nữa rảnh rảnh, rủ đám lau nhau bạn mình qua xơi bánh khọt tiếp! hê hê…

~nước dừa~

My way, blog way, and tectonic way

1. This morning in the car to work, “My Way” was played on the radio. Not Frankie’s well-known version, but a rather slow, dragging, Pavarotti-style adaptation. I find it somehow hilarious, especially when the singer went “I aaaate iiiit uuuup and spiiiit iiiit oooouuttt.” Not as much conviction, I don’t think, as “I Ate! It! Up! And SPIT! It! Out!” So well, Frankie still wins it hands down.

2. The beauty of posting from email – and in my case, using Outlook – is that you can use Shift-F7 like it’s going out of style. That, and the ability to send off fragmented rambles with no set topics or clear directions. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing for writing.

3. Apparently New Zealand’s moving towards Aussie land, in the last year it has shifted 30cm closer to us, and in 7.5 million years, our great-great-great-greeeeeaaat…-grandchildren can just stroll over to Mount Hutt and ski! Is it wrong to already be jealous of your future descendants? Or should I be concerned that at the rate we’re going, there may not be an Earth for them to start with, let alone any tectonic plate movement . Sobering thoughts…

Anyhow, enough yip-yap for the day, time to “face it all, stand tall, and do it my way”. Colloquial term: work my ass off.

Have a lovely week, peeps!